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Binance LIDO Quiz Answers – Learn & Earn LDO Tokens Quiz

Binance Lido Quiz Answers: Join the Binance Lido Quiz to learn, earn and get free cryptocurrency with your guaranteed account. The quiz will be published on October 19, 2022 at 9:00 AM UTC.

Binance will soon launch the next round of ‘Learn and Earn on Binance’ where users can earn free cryptocurrency by mastering blockchain knowledge by completing courses and quizzes.

All KYC verified users on Binance will be able to read articles, watch videos, and take quizzes from 9:00 UTC on October 19, 2022 until the token supply ends.

Eligible users have the chance to receive a certain amount of LDOs or Tokens from other projects based on completed courses or quizzes.

Binance Learn & Earn Lido quiz answers will be updated here once the quiz goes live. Create a Binance account, complete KYC verification and get ready for the quiz.

Binance LIDO Quiz Answers

Question 1: What problem is Lido trying to solve in POS staking?
Answer is: All are correct

Question 2: What do users receive after staking their tokens on Lido?
Answer is: Assets that represent their staked tokens on a 1:1 basis, e.g., stake ETH and get stETH tokens

Question 3: Where do users deposit their PoS token on Lido?
Answer is: The Lido staking pool smart contract

Question 4: What can holders do with LDO?
Answer is: Vote on decisions in the Lido DAO

Question 5: Why does Lido operate as a DAO?
Answer is: All are correct

Question 6: What can users do with their stETH tokens?
Answer is: All are correct

Question 7: What is the name of the utility token on Lido?
Answer is: LDO

Question 8: In addition to Ethereum, which POS blockchain does Lido support?
Answer is: Polkadot

1. New users can create a Binance account from the link given below.

2. If you already have a KYC verified Binance account then log in to your account.

3. Open the Binance app, on the homepage click on the ‘more’ icon.

4. Scroll down below, go to the gift & campaign section then click on the ‘WODL’ to play the game.

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