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BlueStacks Auto Rooter

BlueStacks Auto Rooter
Getting your BlueStacks for Windows rooted automatically in less than 2 minutes!


-BlueStacks App Player Beta for Windows 0.7.4.x - 0.8.3.x, and possible future release.
-Untouched stock system image 'Root.fs' (Not using any other pre-rooted files.)
-Must have over 360 MB free space left on your /data partition.


-Create a new rewritable /system (Default: Read-only for /system)
-Resize /system to 320MB (Default: 300MB, but pointless because of the read-only FS)
+ SuperSU binary & apk (Default: limited su binary only)


1) Download all tool under 'Download' section below

Add the downloaded latest versiOn 'UPDATE-SuperSU-*.zip' to the program folder.

[Image: 2_Qb_Sdr_C.png]

2) Start BlueStacks, wait until it is fully loaded, then run BSAutoRooter.

-WARNING: DO NOT stop this tool in the middle of the rooting process.
-Follow the instructions on the screen carefully.
-Run this tool as Administrator if your current user account is restricted.
-Your BlueStacks will be restarted several times to accomplished the tasks, do not close or stop it.
-For older versions of BlueStacks, press 'Yes' immediately when prompted if you want to Quit.

[Image: T4_Nh_IPW.png]


[Image: Ez_Dvvp_C.png]

[Image: bs_rooted.png]

Update BSAutoRooter v1.04r5

- Raised time limit to support slower machine; Added support for BS 0.8.4.

DOWNLOAD LINK BSAutoRooter v1.04r5



Quote:Q: Why this tool? Why should i use this tool instead of other available method to get root for BlueStacks?
A: Well, this tool is a time saver! With this tool, you no longer have to spend minutes to hours DIY rooting or downloading hundreds of MB of the pre-rooted images.

Q: How did you come up with this tool?
A: Well, let's just say i got a thought in my head since years ago, wondering "Why would you need another linux to root BS while you already have one? The BlueStacks itself!".

Q: How long it takes to get rooted with this tool?
A: The actual rooting process should take less than 2 minutes to complete.

Q: I got an error message from the tool when trying to root?
A: Perhaps your BS has too many apps running in the background, thus not enough free resource available for the tool to use, try disable or uninstall them temporary before rooting.

Q: I can see Root.fs being resized, and why 320 MB?
A: 320 MB for /system is more than enough for normal users, prior to BS ICS version it give ~167 MB free space! and for ICS you get ~48 MB..

Q: 320 MB for /system is not enough for me, i need to install lots of system apps!
A: The future release will support resizing to any size you want, for the mean time you can use tool like TopoResize to resize Root.fs. /system is now get mounted directly instead of a loop device..

Q: I feel that my BS is running slower after rooted using this tool, can i undo or return to stock BS give me?
A: Sure! If you got rooted using this tool, just rename the backup Root.fs.BAK back to Root.fs, you can find the backup in one of following folder:

%ProgramData%\BlueStacks\Android\ (Vista+)
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BlueStacks\Android\ (XP)
C:\Documents and Settings\{USER}\Application Data\BlueStacks\Android\ (XP)

Q: My SuperSU stops working correctly after it got updated from Google Play Store??!!!
A: Yes, it will!. The first thing i would do after setting up google account is disable the auto update apps feature under Google Play settings menu.
A: SuperSU on BS cannot be updated using the usual way, it MUST follows certain steps to update.

Q: I got an error 'This SuperSU is not compatible with your system' -or- 'No su binary found'! what should i do?
A: Please try to use ChainsDD Superuser provided by this thread (Under downloads section).

Q: I got an error 'Could not complete rooting task #...', 'Timed out while...', what should i do?
A: 1) You are adviced to disconnect from internet temporary prior to running this tool. (Stops apps from (up|down)loading...)
A: 2) Try to remove or kill all unnecessary apps prior to running this tool. (Free some resources)

Q: The tool said rooting was successful, but non of the root apps is working! SuperSU shows 'No SU binary installed' error!
A: This usually happens to users with AMD processors. there seems to be a compatible issue with the installed su binary.
A: While the file system has been successfully unlocked by this tool, without the su binary working the superuser app itself is useless.

Download UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.86

ChainsDD Superuser v3.2

Best Thanks to [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register] [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]
[Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]
Changelog :

- Raised time limit to support slower machine; Added support for BS 0.8.4.

Extra Features

Superuser Installer & Updater
  • UPDATE: Now you can use the original ChainsDD Superuser too!
  • Allow you to install or update your Superuser, as long as your Root.fs or /system is already unlocked.
  • By default this tool will update your SuperSU, meaning your authorized apps database will remains after the update.
  • For a clean database, use the 'Full Unroot' feature under SuperSU settings to remove it, then reinstall using this tool.
  • For ChainsDD, a clean (re)installation will always be used since some user data file need to updated as well.
  • HOW TO USE: Simply drag & drop the latest 'UPDATE-Super*.zip' to this tool & follow the instructions.

[Image: pgd8g_TF.png]

[Image: j_C46v_SO.png]

Full Unroot Helper
  • Could be useful if you need to run apps that check/block for rooted devices.
  • It can help you to remove some uncommon root related files in the system left by BS.
  • You also need to run 'Unroot' feature provided by your Superuser app, such as 'Full Unroot' in SuperSU to fully unroot.
  • Also try to remove root related app such as Root Explorer, etc, just in case the the app detect root app as well.
  • Root checker app should show all RED after that, if you are lucky maybe you can run the above mentioned app. Smile
  • HOW TO USE: Simply drag & drop an empty text file 'unroot.txt' to this tool would do the job.

[Image: Ze_Zu_UPU.png]
[Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]
nah ini.... meninggalkan jejak dulu
sblm ada andro ane pling demen ma ne softare. :blush:
bluestack di ane kok crash mulu ya :(
azhamfornesia, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since Aug 2014. dan saya suka Kimcil.
untuk blestacks versi terbaru bisa di cek di grup bluestaks id
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