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During the activity, participants need to read the three articles included in the Gate Learn special series "Understanding Ethereum in a Simple Way", and complete the knowledge quiz in the form. There are a total of 15 questions. You can get 1 point for each question if you answer it right. 

After the event, 100 lucky users with over 12 points will be drawn to receive $5 in tokens. That is, you need to get over 12 questions right to get a chance to win. Join now!

Gate Learn articles: Understanding Ethereum in a Simple Way

October 7th 10:00 - October 17th 10:00 (UTC) (10 Days in Total)

1.(Single choice) Which of the following statements about Ethereum is false?
C. Ethereum is called digital gold 2.0, and it is the only recognized and licensed currency in circulation on Ethereum.

2.(Multiple choice) What are the benefits of using decentralized nodes to verify transactions and store data?
A. Data is transparent, reliable and tamper-proof.
C. No single point of failure.
D. Anti-censorship.

3.(Fill in the blank) The biggest difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is that Ethereum has added ____ to blockchain technology and allows users to create various DApps, which makes it completely different from the Bitcoin ecology.

4.(Single choice) After Ethereum implements the EIP-1559 London hard fork, the biggest change is to split transaction fees into [ ____ ] and [ ____ ]?
A.Base Fee Priority Fee

5.(Single choice) Which of the following are not all applications on Ethereum?
B.DeFi 、NFT 、StepN、DAO

6.(Single choice) After the Ethereum upgrade is completed, which of the following statements is wrong?
B. After the upgrade, the Gas Fee will decrease.

7.(Single choice) Which of the following statements about proof of work (PoW) is wrong?
C. Satoshi Nakamoto first proposed the concept of PoW.

8.(Single choice) What is the correct order in the operation of PoW?
1Try again and again in a "collision" way to find the only correct answer.
2The entire network enters the next round of bookkeeping competition.
3The correct result is quickly verified by all network nodes in a broadcast manner.
A. 1-3-2

9.(Multiple Choice) What are the advantages of Proof of Work?
A. Its structure is simple, effective and reliable.
B. It is highly decentralized.
C. It costs a lot for any evil action. Therefore, it is secure.

10.(Single choice) Which of the following blockchains does not use the PoW consensus mechanism now?
B. Ethereum

11.(Single choice) Ethereum has so far created a number of innovative applications, including the 2017 ICO frenzy, DeFi Summer, and meme chaos. The reason why these new tokens can be quickly traded in the ecosystem is mainly due to the use of ____.

12.(Single choice) Which of the following statements about the ERC-20 token standard is incorrect?
B. There is no interoperability between tokens created using ERC-20.

13.(Single choice) What is the correct process to successfully create an ERC standard?
1Stakeholders will discuss it and vote on it.
2Approve the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) process.
3The initial document becomes an ERC standard document, and developers create their own tokens accordingly.

14.(Single choice) Stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies usually use the [ ____ ] token standard.

15.(Single choice) Which of the following statements about the application of ERC tokens is false?
A. ERC20 is a token standard widely used in the NFT market.

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