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Get Rewards To participate in Sisu network Testnet

You can join testnet and earn Sisu point to get rewards. Sisu Network is a blockchain that connects and simplifies transactions between different blockchains. Sisu can support any transactions in L1, L2 levels or sidechains, whether it is a request for token exchange or a call to a smart contract function.

[Image: znpige1hy4xxcl5uxjy1.png]

Quote:Rewards: The project team promises airdrop in project tokens after launching on the main network. The size of the airdrop depends on the number of points you have scored, you get 5 points for one transaction, so we recommend making more transactions (maximum 15 points per week). More information about the awards can be found HERE

How To participate in Sisu network Testnet ?

(For testing, we will use the MetaMask wallet, you can download it here)

First, Go to the Website and Click Sign Up

[Image: 0*9HWIvtpcfMGSsVf8.png]

Fill in the data, go through the captcha and click Sign Up

[Image: 0*WYt8pRIemmwSz8pe.png]
After registration, you will receive an email, follow the link from the email to confirm registration

Clicking on the link will open a page where you need to log in, enter the email and password that you specified during registration

Add Avalanche Fuji Testnet network to Metamask and Claim Avax for fees

If done, now Go to the Chainlist website and connect with the MetaMask wallet by clicking Connect Wallet

Switch the slider to Testnet mode

[Image: 0*DatRUXVIyblp6zP_.png]

We are looking for the Avalanche Fuji Testnet network in the search engine and click Add to Metamask

We confirm the added networks in the wallet

[Image: 0*t2Pp8R6mVOwb9rJb.png]

(We receive test tokens in the Avalanche Fuji Testnet network)

To do this, go to the faucet
Insert the address of your wallet and click Request

[Image: jfzyt2cq7lhf4m0sn8zc.png]

Next Tutorial Below
Go to the Website 

Insert the address of your wallet, select the Avalanche Testnet network, go through the captcha and click Request

[Image: 0*1NILuCicDkjy92rh.png]

Go to the Website

Connect with the Metamask wallet by clicking on the Connect Wallet button

[Image: 0*I2pe9xIW2_nElODD.png]

Select the $TIGER tokens and enter the amount that we will send

[Image: ekdcvvgx1uf9dxl0j1za.png]

Next, select the Avalanche Testnet and BSC Tesnet networks, respectively

Click Give Permission

[Image: t1t7jtachv7bquuublpn.png]

After completing the transaction, click Swap and confirm the transaction in the wallet

[Image: dmucfh7fswo88bppk6qd.png]

After the notification appears that the transaction has been completed, click on it

[Image: tkgxunretfnxwujzqiaa.png]

In the tab that opens, copy the link to the transaction in the address bar and save it.

[Image: 0*L4XBBZJU1k4La1Ne.png]

Go to this Website

Now you can submit your contribution to get points

[Image: 0*npLzUAqC3LgGrfkM.png]

In the Category section in the list, select Swapping tokens cross chain

In the Transaction link field, insert a link to the transaction that we saved earlier and click Submit

After a while, you will be awarded 5 points. By entering your username in the search engine, you can see your rating, as well as the number of points. You are awarded 5 points for each transaction

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