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How to use the Report button

The staff dedicate considerable time ensuring our community is as it should be, but obviously they can sometimes miss things or someone else can see things earlier. This is when the "Report" function comes into play. Basically all it does is ask a member of the staff to look into something. It doesn't have to mean that a poster has done something really bad, it can just be that he/she made a small mistake.

The report function is always the fastest way to contact a [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

The "Report" button is found next to the Quote buttons on every post. To report something all you have to do is press the button and mention a reason for reporting that particular content (often you don't really have to mention a reason, as it will be obvious).

Essentially the report function should be used when you believe a post requires the attention of a staff member and/or infringes the forum rules. It shouldn't be used to have a chat or to "force" a staff member to look at your own problems or questions.

Some examples of when the report function could be used:

1. Someone makes a thread in the wrong forum. For example someone posts the topic "Asking about Software" in Music Forum.

2. You see a link that isn't use CODE or a post containing questionable content.
Example :
[Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]
you need use Code

3. A post contains spam and/or advertising.

4. When you are offended (or believe others may be) by a post. For example it contains obscene or generally offensive material.

5. Duplicate topics or posts. For example two topics on "Internet Downloader v18".

6. When there's some mistake in the title of a thread. In most cases the member would fix it, but just in-case if it isn't noticed.

Don't be afraid of using this feature (even on your own posts), as with it we can improve the community experience for everyone.
[Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]
pnjelasan yg lngsung ke intinya dn ptut di krjkn...thanks
aduh kagak ngerti bahasa inggris nih wkwkwkw
mksdnya gmn tuh???
ane gk ngerti bhs inggris..
ikutan konkow vroh... thumbsup:
(06-19-2014, 02:24 PM)syawal11 Wrote: mksdnya gmn tuh???
ane gk ngerti bhs inggris..

ga ngerti ya ditranslate aja om.. itu misal ada yg salah tempat bikin tritnya / melanggar rules. tinggal di report aja..
hooohhh..... lanjjooootttt
sama gan q ngga ngerti bahasa planet
penjelasannya kok pake bahasa inggris om?
baru faham ane, sif lah klo begindang buahaha