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Incentivized HAVAH Testnet and Hidden Mission (Airdrop Confirmed)

HAVAH is celebrating 100k+ Members on its discord server by conducting a Testnet mission. By participating in this Incentivized HAVAH Testnet Airdrop you can earn HVH tokens and NFT rewards.

[Image: ch4nkqfwxoj99mray58x.png]

Step 1: Install HAVAH Wallet on Chrome Browser

Visit the chrome app center here and install the HAVAH Wallet in your chrome browser. For mobile user you can use Mises Browser or Kiwi Browser to participate.

Switch to the HAVAH Chain Testnet in your HAVAH Wallet

[Image: ewoijfz4mffidi669sgi.png]

Step 2: Signup on the HAVAH website

Register on the HAVAH website here

Enter your details and signup on to the HAVAH website.

Step 3: Visit the HAVAH testnet website

Visit the event page here of HAVAH to participate in Incentivized Testnet and click on Connect button at the top right corner of the screen.

Once you click on Connect button a popup on HAVAH Wallet will open asking you to confirm the connection

Click on Connect button on the HAVAH Wallet popup and then click on Lets go button.

Step 4: Connect the Wallet

Click on the Connect wallet button which will connect you to the HAVAH Wallet.

Step 5: Verify Email

Enter your email id in the textbox. This should be the same email that you used to register on the website in Step 2 above.

Click VERIFY button

Step 6: Claim testnet HVH

Click on the Request button to request Testnet HVH Tokens

Step 7: Mint Testnet NFT

Select the NFT image you like and then Click on the MINT button.

This will open the HAVAH wallet popup asking you to allow the transaction. Click on ALLOW button.

Step 8: Bridge the NFT to test sending it to another chain

Click on the BRIDGE MY NFT button, which will open a new website.

Make the selections made as given in the screenshot given below:

  1. Select the source chain as HAVAH
  2. Select the NFT you minted above
  3. Select destination wallet. I selected Metamask and then select Etherium chain for hidden quest later. (Make sure Metamask is installed)
  4. Click on the Next button.

Once you click on Next a HAVAH wallet confirmation screen might pop up, click on confirm the transaction and Allow it.

You will receive a confirmation screen once the transaction is complete.

Step 8: Confirm your participation

Once the transaction is complete, navigate back to the HAVAH event page and click CONFIRM on confirm your participation section.

HAVAH Testnet Hidden Mission

You need to Join/Follow HAVAH's social media channels.

Twitter Discord Reddit

Here is a list of ongoing Public Testnet Hidden missions right now.

1️ Hidden Mission #1 : “Submit Your HAVAH Wallet Address.”

- Event period : ~ 23.01.31
- Submit your HAVAH wallet address on the 🗂|send-hvhwallet channel.

How to Complete Hidden Mission:
2️ Hidden Mission #3 : “List Your HAVAH Friends NFT on Opensea”

- Event period : ~ 23.01.27
- List your HAVAH Friends NFT on Opensea Testnet (

How to Complete Hidden Mission:
3️ Hidden Mission #5: “Promote the HAVAH Twitter”

- Event period : ~ 23.01.31
- Follow HAVAH Twitter ( )
- Like and retweet the “HAVAH Discord Members 100K Event” post and write a supporting comment.
- Please submit the link address of the cheering comment on the #testnet-Twitter channel.

- Event Tweet Link:

How to Complete Hidden Mission:
4 Hidden Mission #6: “Use GoerliETH in HAVAH Chain”

How to Complete Hidden Mission:

The following are events that have already ended.

- Hidden Mission #2. Faucet Donation Campaign
- Hidden Mission #4. Testnet-Planet runner operation

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