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[Info] Facebook Will Sell Users' Data to Serve Ads on Sites Across the Web

Facebook is offering marketers a new service that will place ads all over the Web -- not just the social network -- and give them Facebook data to help them target customers across devices. The service will also track whether the ads lead to sales.
It's Facebook's push to become a web-wide ad platform like Google, through a relaunch of the "Atlas" network that Facebook bought from Microsoft for an undisclosed sum in February 2013. The new methods are designed to address the fact that desktop ad-tracking "cookies" don't offer demographic information like age or gender, don't work on mobile and can't follow users across web browsers or devices, Erik Johnson, the head of Atlas, said in a blog post. Atlas, he wrote, is dedicated to "targeting, serving and measuring across devices" -- with the data users share on Facebook served up as the icing on the cake.

maaf copy paste dari sumbernya Smile. Indonesia pasar potensial nih dengan banyaknya user facebook serta data yang akurat yang dipake di facebook
it is no problem for me because their services is free. that money maybe for their server, it is not easy to build server that can handle so many user. Smile
Don't give facebook your accurate personal data. You never know what will they do with it.
Another "BigBrother" corporation that will sell your personal info without your consent.
"BigBrother Corporation"
That's a good one ngakak
actually build an social network such as facebook is targeted to monetize, coz impossible some one build something without an purpose.
we must be careful for our data can be used for many purpose. We are not invisible again, everybody can know who we are, just because facebook
well, from the time we sign up we are agree with their term and condition, I think they had the right to use our data
no sure this will really happen. facebook users might leave this socmed.