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Kana x Pontem - Swap Airdrop Giveaway Contest

Partnering with Pontem Network, Kana Labs announce another giveaway contest, Swap to Airdrop giveaway contest. Users will swap tokens in Aptos Testnet via the Kana Labs web app but using the Pontem wallet to do so.
Pontem Network is known for two signature products in the Aptos ecosystem. Their wallet and DEX solutions.

[Image: pzsk4jwvtyywl6o9cpzv.jpg]

The rules for the contest are simple. All that a user has to do are:
  • Follow Kana Labs and Pontem Network
  • Tag 5 friends and Re-Tweet the announcement.
  • Make an aggregated swap in the Aptos testnet from our web app platform at using the Pontem wallet.
  • A minimum of 1 transaction per day for the entire duration of this contest.
  • All transactions made during the duration of the contest must be from the same wallet (one wallet per user) and please share the wallet address and the number of transactions performed each day in the web app in the discord server of both Kana Labs and Pontem Network.

The reward remains the same as the previous contest, a minimum of 500 tokens for the 500 most consistent users with more tokens for select participants. The tokens will be airdropped to your wallets once the tokens are launched.

The contest is active for the duration of 7 days starting from 0000 hrs UTC on 08.11.2022 to 0001 hrs UTC on 15.11.2022. 

The list of winners will be announced on 22.11.2022 in Kana Labs discord servers and a link to the same on Twitter. KANA tokens will be airdropped to your wallets once they are minted in 2023. We look forward to yet another astronomical response and a fun-filled competition.

How to make Swaps in Kana Labs Web App using Pontem Wallet

Step 1 — Access web app platform using the “Launch App” feature on our website or access it via →

[Image: 1*Gt7rD6dKmiE3IkwIbPdcRA.jpeg]

Step 2 — Ensure that you have selected 'Aptos' blockchain in the chain drop-down menu in web app.

[Image: 1*XHLRHTL9j6uD8vHSCU1AeA.jpeg]

Step 3 — Click on the “Select Wallet” icon at the top right corner to see a list of supported wallets. From the list of supported wallets, Please choose “Pontem wallet” to make the transaction.

[Image: 1*62y0_7wjsvKgPpf30BRJNA.jpeg]

Step 4 — Once you choose the pontem wallet option from the drop-down list, you will receive an authentication prompt in your wallet plugin. Please select “confirm”. After the wallet is connected to web app, you can see your wallet address displayed in the top right corner replacing the “Select Wallet” icon.

[Image: 1*jVe-jiICY8leLjWw00hJsg.jpeg]

Step 5 — You must now choose the token which you wish to swap in the “You Pay” section and select the token you wish to receive in the “You Receive” section. Once this is done, you can see the available balance for the selected token in the “You Pay” section.

[Image: 1*OUF05BOL6Nw116K59MszBA.jpeg]

Step 6 — Once you enter the value of the token you wish to swap, you will see a list of routes displayed by our swap aggregator engine below the swap window. 

The best price quote at this point in time will be highlighted as well. Users can either choose the best price or another preferred route from the list of displayed options and click on the “swap” icon.

[Image: 1*nc2D_BLHBGR2owKOrokBgA.jpeg]

Step 7 — You will receive a prompt in your wallet to confirm the transaction request from web app.

[Image: 1*w1jFVKicB2QFjjwg9AIVtw.jpeg]

Step 8 — Once the transaction is complete, you will see a pop-up at the top right corner of the website acknowledging the successful completion of the transaction. You can also check out the same under the “history” section in your Pontem wallet.

[Image: 1*Sj5uVF19RhQNfKgcT5_OiQ.jpeg]

Kana Labs Medium  | Twitter  |  Discord
Phontem Wallet Twitter | Discord

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