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Kucoin QUARTZ Quiz Answers - Kucoin Learn & Earn!

KuCoin has launched a campaign to give away a QUARTZ reward pool worth $70,000 to qualified KuCoin users!

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Campaign Period: 10:00:00 September 26, 2022 to 10:00:00 October 3, 2022 (UTC).

Must have KuCoin Account: Not have One?

Create here:

Kucoin X Sandclock (QUARTZ) Quiz Answers

1. What is Sandclock ?

A financial app built on the blockchain

A decentralized exchange

An NFT project

2. Sandclock yields are

For all types of market conditions

Sustainable, high and focused on minimizing smart contract risk

Recycles performance fee back into the Vault to offer depositers higher yields in perpetuity

Permissionless and Non-custodial

All of the above

3. Sandclock can be used by

Non-crypto natives

Crypto natives

Crypto experts


All of the above

4. What are Metavaults?

Price Oracles for blockchain projects

An entity that is used to structure capital based on the user's investment thesis

Centralized crypto custody vaults

5. What can users do on Sandclock ?

Create Metavault and allow the yield generated to flow into an investment vault that will dollar-cost-average into other asset classes

Create Metavault and allow the yield generated to flow into a debit card

Create Metavault and allow the yield generated to flow into another wallet, multi-sig account or a DAO

Create Metavault and just let the yield to auto-compound

All of the above

6. What is $QUARTZ ?

A stablecoin

A fiat-on ramp channel

Sandclock ecosystem's governance token with baked-in value accrual mechanisms

7. Pick the correct statement

Sandclock is only used for charity and philanthropy

Sandclock is a wealth management tool with a focus on responsible wealth creation for all

8. Sandclock have audited their contracts



More than 7 times with reputable audit firms

9. Idea projects for other developers to build on top of Sandclock

Using yield to Pay off Student Loans

Using yield for Zero-loss Subscription Services (ex: Twitch, Spotify, Onlyfans, Patreon etc)

Using yield for Travel Experiences

Using yield to support 'Buy Now Pay Later' e-commerce experiences

All of the above and many more ...

10. Security and Compliance is very important to Sandclock



11. Institutions can use Sandclock for :

Hiring new employees

Treasury management, Yield-as-a-Service and CSR / ESG strategies

It is only for retail users

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