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[Share] CPU-Z v1.12

Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Android version of the popular CPU identification tool for PC/Windows., CPU-Z is a free application that reports information about your device.

[Image: 29ap4c5.jpg] [Image: 349evlf.jpg] [Image: ncean8.jpg]

- SoC (System On Chip) name, architecture, clock speed for each core ;
- System information : device brand & model, screen resolution, RAM, storage.;
- Battery information : level, status, temperature, capacity ;
- Sensors.
Requirements :
- Android 2.2 and above (version 1.03 and +)
Permissions :
- INTERNET permission is required for the online validation (see notes below for more détails about the validation process)
Notes :
Online Validation (version 1.04 and +)
The validation allows to store the hardware specification of your Android device in a database. After the validation, the program opens your validation URL into your current internet browser. If you enter your e-mail address (optional), an e-mail with your validation link will be sent to you as a reminder.
Settings screen and debug (version 1.03 and +)
If CPU-Z closes abnormally (in case of bug), the settings screen will appear at the next run. You can use that screen to remove the main detection features of the application, and make it run.


Version 1.12 (07/14/2015)
- HiSilicon Kirin 620 SoC.
- NVIDIA Tegra K1 GPU load.
Version 1.11 (06/16/2015)
- Added new Socs : Exynos 7520, Snapdragon 615 ...
- GPU load (Adreno and some Mali).
Version 1.10 (02/20/2015)
- Thermal tab with device temperatures.
- Improved detection of Qualcomm SoCs.
- Removed battery capacity report by default (can be added in settings).

This app has no advertisements


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