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[Share] Messy Summer Camp Adventures v1.0.4

Requirements: 2.3.3+
Overview: It’s the messiest summer camp ever! Get ready for a summer camp adventure you will never forget! Choose from 8 amazing activities! You can pitch a tent, roast marshmallows and even go fishing on this awesome nature adventure! Earn badges & coins as you complete fun activities. Use coins to buy decorations and help clean up the messy camp!

[Image: messy-summer-camp-adventures-102-2-s-307x512.jpg]

Oh no! The messy kids have made a mess! Can you help them clean up this messy summer camp? Explore the outdoors as you enjoy fun activities, earn badges and help fix up the messy camp. Play awesome mini-games along the way!

Gather ‘round the campfire! Help the messy kids collect sticks and stones to build a campfire. Enjoy roasted marshmallows - a delicious camping treat! You will even earn a fire safety badge when you put out the fire!

Tent Time!
Hurrah, it’s time to pitch a tent! Choose your tent’s color, decorate a flag and earn a tent building badge when you finish building your tent! Your tent is the perfect place to camp out in nature with your favorite messy kids!

Go fishing with the messy kids on this interactive fishing adventure. Catch fish in a variety of shapes, colors & sizes! Careful, beware of the electric eel!

Targets & Darts!
Shoot darts at the target to earn coins & badges! Practice makes perfect so keep shooting until you hit the target!

Camouflage Dress Up!
Dress up the messy kids in outdoor accessories like summer camp hats and scout scarves. Camouflage the kids with face paint and masks! Snap a picture of your styling to show off to all your friends!

Hidden Animals!
There are so many animals outdoors! Meet animal friends as you play this interactive, hidden objects game! Find creatures like grasshoppers, chameleons, frogs & more!

First Aid Clinic!
Sometimes messy kids get injured when playing outdoors. It’s your turn to be the doctor! Use special medical tools to care for the kids and help them feel better!

Grow a Garden!
Gardening is so much fun! Help the messy kids grow a beautiful garden. Plant seeds, water the plants and watch your garden grow!

Shopping Time!
It’s time to go to the market! Use the coins you earned while playing games to buy decorations to fix up the camp. Upgrade the messy camp with torches, tents, animal friends & more!

> Choose from 4 messy kids!
> Play fun nature mini games like fishing and darts!
> Drag to collect sticks & build a fire.
> Use special medical tools to treat injured messy kids
> Tap to dress up your messy kid with different accessories!
> Earn coins & badges as you complete each activity and adventure!

What's inside:
> 4 messy kids!
> 6 fun-filled activities to enjoy the outdoors!
> 2 mini games for hours of fun!
> Over 20 accessories to dress up your messy kids!
> 6 nature-themed coloring pages!
> 24 badges to earn while playing.
> 8 items to upgrade your summer camp!

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