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[Share] Tactics Maiden v1.9.3

Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: Tactics Maiden is a fast-paced, turn-based strategy RPG where the player has to conquer enemy outposts scattered throughout the battlefield.

[Image: rr7Kmylusa2uIV_tKB4xwkUuA0s0pb9AeLGE8oEI...GsKc1BIi3g]

*** Toucharcade 4.5 / 5: "Now It's The Maiden's Turn."
*** Pocket Gamer 8/10: "Super old-school, but it proves SRPGs still have plenty of depth and charm."
*** Game of the Week Sept 19, Toucharcade player voting

What sets Tactics Maiden apart is a very strong enemy AI and flexible character builds with skill points that can be redistributed at will.

Each battle presents its very own challenges, so the player has to refine his strategies and his army of heroes and mercenaries constantly.
All player units are carried over from scenario to scenario, and the units can be customized to a high degree: A complex skill system, more than 1000 equipable items, customized unit names.

Tactics Maiden comprises a compelling medieval fantasy story connecting all 85 scenarios, as well as 36 unique character classes, and over 70 special skills like 'Heal', 'Shield Allies', 'Ambush', 'Weaken', 'Magic Missile', 'Firestorm', 'Escape Shot', 'Replace', 'Remedy', 'Web Haul', 'Beast Shot', 'Unhorse', 'Pawing', or 'Ram'.

Thanks to its 5 difficulty settings that can be adjusted mid-game, Tactics Maiden is suited for both novice players and veteran strategy gamers.

Synchronization of game saves is possible via Dropbox.

The first 8 scenarios can be played for free.
The full version can be unlocked with a one-time in-app purchase.
Enjoy the game!

What's New
- Move and attack range of non-player units can be visualized on the battlefield now (just tap on a unit)
- Unit overview: XP progress bar added. Atk will be shown in purple in case of legendary weapon
- New class ‘Undead Rider’ (added to several scenarios)
- Unit limit for Queen difficulty raised to 24
- Julien’s apprentice Jennifer is an elite unit now
- Sort button added to unit specific ‘Buy’ screen

Download link
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Mod Money/full
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