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[Share] Tun2SocksGUI v2.2.0 Update 1
Tun2SocksGUI v2.2.0 New Actions - Update 1
Quote:Tun2Socks GUI is "Coming Back", more compatible and powerful. Now available with new actions for more conditional needed. Support with HTTP Proxy connection, Share SSH connection, updating Antivirus, updating windows, game online become more easily.

[Image: tun2sock.png]
In the last release, I built tun2socks version 2 which combined with MDMA functions, but I think it was out of the idea of it's functions. Besides, there are many error appeared on that version. I hope in this release there is no more troubles.

Tun2Socks GUI v2.2.0 New Actions Features

Support for HTTP Proxy
If you have just an HTTP Proxy (didn't have SSH server account) you can use that proxy for connection. How to do that...??? Easy! you just have to put your proxy address and port on "Socks Proxy Address" box and then Click/Check the "Use HTTP Proxy Type" Checkbox. That's it, but it's not support for HTTPS connection just HTTP. The application will execute another application named "davisocks.exe" that can make local socks5 server which connect to HTTP proxy. This idea always in my mind at the first I build it and didn't have any idea how to do that. But now, I make little tricky to resolve the problem.
Enable/Disable Logs Manually
Many commentators wrote about "Memory out of resource" error dialogue box. Hmmm.... I think the problem is on the Logs report, so I make feature to enable/disable it's function. Thanks for the idea.
Auto Save/Load Config
DNS Resolver over SOCKS5
What is this...??? When you share your connection to another device such as Android, Ad Hoc, or Lan, usually cannot browsing using domain address you typed but only numeric IP you can access. This problem because another client cannot access your DNS. For the solution is inserting DNS IPs to Tun/Tap Adapter. But in another case, your Internet Provider disallow that way, so I embed a software called "DNS2SOCKS" to make self a DNS resolver over SSH connection. It will resolve a DNS request from your clients.
Add or Delete Proxy to be Routed
Beside the proxies embed, you can insert or delete your own proxy address manually and will write in config file.

Download link Tun2SocksGUI v2.2.0 New Actions - Update 1


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Update Tun2SocksGUI v2.2.0 New Actions - Update 1
ya Pertamax coba duluan
berarti ini fix buat SSH yg gx suport ya http
om ini indikasi online nya apa ya?
udah ada yg bisa menggunakan tun2sock yang baru ini?
ragilq, proud to be a member of suryadewa forum since Dec 2013.
Update Tun2SocksGUI v2.2.0 New Actions - Update 1
bg, ini apa ia bingungs:
trus cara makenya gmn pangsit:
setiap di start pasti bitvise ane lngsung dc
cara biar gak gimana yaaaa
ini baru mantaf ,jadi ga repot pake SoftEther happy: happy: happy:
[Image: fornesia_signature1.gif]
yang ini lebih stabil walaupun harus pakai yang lama dolo hehehe
uncheck default gateway gan

(03-15-2014, 02:42 PM)radanserv Wrote: setiap di start pasti bitvise ane lngsung dc
cara biar gak gimana yaaaa

uncheck default gateway gan
abis jalan2 nemu yg baru... wah:
Tun2SocksGUI_v2.2.2 - Update (10)
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[Image: ezgif-save_4_zps33cbabdc.gif]
pake yang baru kaga enak bro harus nyari dns yang tepat :(
yang bisa konek ajarin ane dong,ane kaga konak2 find ip public gitu
ada yg ngerti caranya biar bisa mau lagi itu tun2shock di pc saya ._.

padahal kemaren nya bisa, tapi tadi nyoba udah gak bisa lagi :(
jadi harus system restore dulu... (tapi repot gan -_- )

bantuan nya dong ketawaaa
Galaxi, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since Mar 2014.
dari dulu sampe sekarang ane gk pernah sukses pake tunsock, tolong pencerahannya dong
jangan dibuka ya!
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