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[Share] Ulysse Speedometer Pro v1.9.9 Build 71
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Drive safety!
Most advanced and intuitive Speedometer and car Dashboard application which helps you drive safety.

• Speed Edge GPS Speedometer
High-accuracy* GPS-based speedometer that is shows real speed of your car. And for each speed unit you can define individual gauge range.
• Maximum indicated speed 1900 km/h / 1160 mph / 1000 knots
• Elastic Scale.
If speed rises above current scale limit, scale limit increases.
• Switchboard. Provides fast switching for speed units, activate HUD and more. Tap to Speedo scale to activate it.
• Three shortcut pages: Application, Communication, Navigation for total 36 user-defined application shortcuts
• Average Speedometer.
Tap Compass for switch to Average Speedometer, long press resets Average Speedometer for new measurement
• Speed warnings
You can define up to 10 speed limits and application will notify you visually and with alert sound when you go over any of them.
• GPS Compass.
Insensitive to electro-magnetic fields or iron of car.
• GPS Altitude.
Reports altitude, measured by phone’s GPS.
• HUD mode.
Mirrors the numbers so you can place the phone under your car's windshield and see the speed reflected on it in the dark.
• Address finder.
Finds address of your current location in manual mode (by request) or automatically (depends from your moving speed and distance).
• Average speed calculation.
Automatically calculates average moving speed and total average speed of whole trip
• Racing meter
Measure and calculate time for standard performance measurement distances: 0-100 km/h, 0-60 mph and for 1/4 mile.
• Log different trip parameters
Display time and distance for current trip, accumulated time and distance for all today trips, yesterday, last week and last month
• Different speed and distance units
Supports miles, kilometers and nautical miles for distance; mph, km/h and knots for speed.
• Separate limits settings for km/h and mph units.
You can easily switch all limits setting going over border of your country.
• Customizable UI color.
You can specify any color for UI, which fits best for your car internals.
• Car dock support.
Application automatically starts and exits on docking and undocking.
• Battery status indication.
Shows current status and charge level of phone’s battery.
• Background mode
When activated than application still works on background. All logs keep counting time and distance and application will notify you when you exceed the speed limit as usual.
• Display speed in Status bar
In background mode application will show current speed in Status bar and even gives visual notification for speed limits! **

* depends from phone hardware.
** in case of system overloading possible small lag in data.

Known limitation
- Trip distance may have 2-3% deviation from car's odometer data.
****************** PERMISSIONS USAGE *********************
Call phone - for directly run phone dialer from Speedometer

What's New
• Added MultiWindow support for Samsung devices and tablets
• Added Track-on-Map view\n
• Added 10s delay option for "Exit on power off" to prevent app exit during engine start
• Fixed problem with too small overlays on first app run
• Fixed problem with switching off trip and elevation overlays
• Fixed FC on some Samsung devices
• Fixed reported issues

This app has NO advertisements

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buat cek speed ini toh bang atau apa ?
buat apa si bingung ane gan
buat ngukur apa nih gan?
ini app speedometer di motor ane dah coba lumyan lah buat hiburan
[Image: Untitled_1.gif]
maksudnya utk speedometer di kendaraan ya gan bukan untk speed koneksi di andro ?

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