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Vendo Guy Fawkes Merchant (acquiring)

Who the hell Guy Fawkes Merchant is? What do these guys actually do? Wait, how do they do that?! These are the questions you’ve most probably faced when coming across this page. Well, we are a team of merchant service PROs who know how to combine sharp minds, diligence, and hardworking altogether in order to get the desired results. We know exactly how you can benefit from merchant acquiring, and the recipe is pretty simple: you entrust us your payment activities, we do the nasty job for you, you get extra income. Boom! No matter if you’re starting a new business and need to enable online payments or wish your any-zone business to rebirth, we’ve got your back! 

Guy Fawkes Merchant will cover you 

We keep you incognito 

Our company really cares about your privacy, this is the first and foremost desire for us (you too, right?) Therefore, we guarantee your “invisibility” during the whole process. Be sure, your name is not going any further than our private conversation. We know how to perform transactions safely for you, and your business. We set up banking accounts for you 

Of course, we’ve thought it through and have a perfect solution! Every banking account is set up separately for each client by a corporate entity. Isn’t that awesome? You won’t use your private banking account to receive shady payments. This means every dollar reaches your account without causing issues! We are your time and money saver 

Yes, Guy Fawkes Merchant is a life-saver for your business. Just like that, we’re not ashamed to say so as our merchant acquiring services have already saved a number of businesses. It’s the right option for those who work mostly with international clients and have certain difficulties processing those payments.

Set aside all your doubts, talk to us: drop us a line in Telegram: @Acquireman

give us a call at +420 (728) 464 115
Conducted a reduction in commissions for some gates.

For information, contact telegram @acquireman
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