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X-Justice Incentive testnet Guide - Learn & Earn

X-Justice is a Web 3.0 Multiplatform project including on PvP Games, Social Network, Bounty platform, DEX powered by Solana and Sui.

[Image: l4ktphztulp8nnkgn14k.png]

X-Justice main concept based on 4 services:

Just Game - People can play betting game with classic bet, option, crash & digger. There are three currencies available to users for betting - XJUST, SOL, USDC.

Just network - A social networks with many Function like public statistics and history, Subscription, Paid subscription, Donation, Chatting, Challenge system, etc. With this you have many ways to monetize your profile on X-Justice.

Just exchange - You can Swap, Stake, etc on X-Justice without going anywhere.

Just business - A Bounty program for users, access several Bounty campaigns of various projects at once in one place. Get rewards for your posts, content, actions, translations and more.

X-Justice Incentive testnet

The main goals of the program:
  • Testing the resilience of the platform under heavy load;
  • Encouraging early adopters of the project. We especially appreciate early support;
  • Gathering feedback on the product, to improve each of the areas;
  • Searching for the best among the community in order to select them as ambassadors.


As part of the event, 10% of the emission of the XJUST token will be allocated as follows:
  • X-Researcher: 20% of the allocated funds for an incentive testnet;
  • X-Hunter: 40% of the allocated funds for an incentive testnet;
  • X-Activity: 40% of the allocated funds for an incentive testnet.

X-Justice Testnet Guide Step by Step

You need solana wallet for doing testing on X-Justice platform, you can use Phantom wallet extension and install the wallet for your browser. Or if you already have solana wallet extension you can skip this step.

Switch network from Mainnet to Devnet network on your solana wallet. (in this tutorial i use phantom wallet for testing).

[Image: rtn1op2zmazofnl9rbn1.png]

Now you need to visit X-Justice website and click select wallet > Phantom

[Image: Video_2023-02-26_140654.gif]

For next step, we need test token to interact with X-Justice.

Navigate to Faucet in menu and choose Faucet Solana

[Image: m5ylfdgajojr1sulpdrj.png]

Next, click on Get Test Tokens

Done, the testing tokens have been sent to your wallet.

Participate for test the betting game

Visit BET menu and click MORE

[Image: ksld9kbnvm3fno9tpgk8.png]

Choose the Football Club you want to bet, enter your bid and click on PLACE A BET

All Done kampai . Your betting history can be seen on the bottom of the page.

Take a screenshot of the bet page. Leave feedback about the interaction with the service in the #testnet-feedback thread. Attach a screenshot and type your wallet address.

[Image: k84o9inzk05qepysda7h.png]

The role is issued in manual mode. If you wrote a review, but did not receive the role - wait.

Just-3 Bounty

  • Take part in a bounty campaign on Just-3;
  • Your position on the leaderboard and your XP are going to matter.

[Image: aptczh1eh25qodsqf2cs.png]

X-Justice Official Link Website & Community:

Learn more about X-Justice here:


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