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[Share] Subtitle Edit Software

02-11-2014 04:53 PM Subtitle Edit Software

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Subtitle Edit adalah Free Software ringan dan mantab untuk edit video subtitle.

penjelasan inggris nya kek gini
Quote:With SE you can easily adjust a subtitle if it is out of sync with the video in several different ways.
You can also use SE for making new subtitles from scratch (do use the time-line/waveform/spectrogram) or translating subtitles.
For a list of features see below or check out the Subtitle Edit Help page.
On my blog you can download latest beta version and read about/discuss new features.


Subtitle Edit 3.3.13 8th February 2014

changelog :

Spoiler :
New: Compare window now has an option to "ignore line breaks" - thx Krystian
New: Compare window now has a "text change percent" - thx Krystian
New: Bridge gap in durations now have minimum display time - thx Krystian
New: New option for "Focus on mouse-over" for waveform/spectrogram - thx lansing
New: New setting "Gap between subtitles"
New: New subtitle formats
New: French rules regarding L and apostrophe in spell check + OCR fix - thx René
New: Fix common errors" toolbar button - thx Betsy25
Improved: Updated Korean language file - thx domddol
Improved: Updated Chinese language file - thx Leon
Improved: Updated German language file - thx Siegwarth
Improved: Updated Dutch language file - thx Quetsbeek
Improved: Updated Brazilian Portuguese language file - thx Igor Rücker
Improved: Updated Portuguese language file - thx moob
Improved: Updated Polish language file - thx Admas
Improved: Updated Czech language file - thx Trottel
Improved: Updated Basque language file - thx Xabier
Improved: Updated Italian language file - thx SilverDrake
Improved: Many settings now remembered from "Export to image based format"
Improved: Dropping a video file on empty waveform will now start extraction of waveform - thx Leon
Improved: Better reading of SCC files
Improved: Better handling of apostrophe in spell check - thx Betsy25
Improved: Better grouping of general settings in options
Improved: Added setting for html encoding text in SAMI files (default on)
Improved: Export to DOST, bottom margin + no spaces in file names - thx Andreas
Improved: Save unicode to ansi, warning + also auto converts some symbols - thx SimplyTheBOSS
Fixed: Waveform/spectrogram: Moving start/end with ALT down now always works - thx Leon
Fixed: Waveform/spectrogram: Move border left/right now also always works even when it's near next/prev border
Fixed: Fixed transparent background in "OCR window" regarding transport streams
Fixed: Now Viewnamese language actually shows in the "Choose language" dialog
Fixed: Timed Text - List view context menu "Set language" had wrong text
Fixed: Subtitle preview can now show both font and italic for same text - thx Drago
Fixed: Fixed bug decoding dvb sub - thx aMvEL
Fixed: Fixed possible crash in OCR window (if no language is available)
Fixed: "OCR window" - Norweigan bokmål now works as spell check language
Fixed: Disabled saving of empty files
Fixed: Fixed bug in centering of exported images - thx minhjirachi
Fixed: Fixed crash in Spell check - Get dictionaries (if no internet connection) - thx Krystian
Fixed: Fixed (sometimes) missing highlighting of word in spell check dialog - thx Betsy25
Fixed: Fixed bug where textbox lost connection with subtitle after "Replace" - thx HodoreeSubs
Fixed: Fixed issue in OCR regarding expand selection - thx Thomas
Fixed: Reset loaded image compare bitmaps after creating new ocr image set
Fixed: Freeze fix for subtitle format "spt" - thx Leif
Fixed: Fix a bug in "Fix invalid italic tags" - thx rebawest
Fixed: Fix a bug in waveform regarding ALT + mouse end/start move in frame mode - thx rebawest

Download Subtitle Edit 3.3.13 (Installer)


Download Subtitle Edit 3.3.13 (Portable)


Subtitle Edit 3.3.13 (Portable, .NET 4)


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Need Mod
03-05-2014 07:58 PM RE: Subtitle Edit Software

trickster Away

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topdah: makasih min share nya, btw mau tnya, kadang kan ada yg uda diresync tp loncat bbrp detik min, nah kalo pakai windows media player classic biasa ane pakai f1 ato f2 buat mempercepat ato memperlambatnya subtitle ganteng:

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