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[Share] Kids Policeman v2.1.1

07-16-2015 10:39 PM Kids Policeman v2.1.1

garonxks Away
FNS Member

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Joined: Mar 2014


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Requirements: Android 2.2+

★The creator of Kids Fireman, Apple’s one of 13 Fun Learning Essential Must-have Apps for Kids, brings you this new, exciting sequel.★

More scenes, more activities, more buttons to press. This app is sure to delight your kids!

Is your kid fascinated with police cars and police activities? If so, this app is for you.
Use your picture (or take a new picture of yourself or anyone) to create your own police badge, drive a police car, ring the siren, help children cross the street, catch a robber, check for speed as cars drive by using a speed gun, play with a K-9, and much more.
This app enables kids to be a policeman and go through various activities in a storybook-like and a game-like setting.
This app is full of exciting, interactive activities and sounds that your kids will love.

Kids Police is made by a parent, tested and approved by a policeman.

• Look inside the police station, ring the alarm and make police cars produce sounds.
• Dress a policeman and put on a police hat.
• Drive a police car.
• Control the steering wheel, sound the siren, etc.
• Help children cross the street.
• Use the policeman’s speed gun to check the speed as cars pass by.
• Catch a robber. See how many you can catch – in a game-like fashion.
• Train a K-9 – play a game of jump over obstacles and then feed the dog afterwards.

What's New
- Added scene selection screen
- Added new narrations
- New icon


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garonxks, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since Mar 2014.
10-25-2015 08:51 PM RE: Kids Policeman v2.1.1

yunusffz Away
FNS Member

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Joined: Oct 2015


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Gan kasih pic apa kek di thread nya ...

jadi gaje nih isinya apaan , game edukasi atau apaan , gambaranna harus ada dong biar pembaca tertarik download ...

Kalo gini mah sih mana ada yang mau DL

yunusffz, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since Oct 2015.
10-28-2015 08:14 PM RE: Kids Policeman v2.1.1

rinhunter Away

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pic nya dong gan biar tau game play nya kayak gimana

rinhunter, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since Sep 2015.
02-29-2016 07:20 PM RE: Kids Policeman v2.1.1

iantz Away
Baru Belajar

Posts: 3
Joined: Feb 2016


FCoin: 1.00ƒc
Hmmm mencurigakan,bersih ga ini??
Nunggu ada yg review
03-01-2016 06:59 AM RE: Kids Policeman v2.1.1

bagong Away

Posts: 42
Joined: Feb 2016


FCoin: 1.90ƒc
Ini apaan ? Mana gambar nya ?

[Image: 301_1.gif]
03-19-2016 03:29 AM RE: Kids Policeman v2.1.1

sonisaputra1992 Away
FNS Member

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ngga ngerti . haha

gue' elo' friends..!! cool

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