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[Share] Color & Draw: Super Artist Edition. v4.4

07-16-2015 10:44 PM Color & Draw: Super Artist Edition. v4.4

garonxks Away
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Requirements: Android 2.2+

[Image: dClga3zLc_8iwCjIMTT_21x7a677tPZai3tgea5C...sViOr=h900]

Color & Draw Super Artist edition is a PREMIUM version of the best-selling and award winning Color & Draw for kids.

It's an artistic solution for TABLETS AND PHONES.
It invites children to draw, color and decorate drawings or photographs.
Many coloring pages have voice over invitations to get kids' creative juices flowing.
It includes 4 coloring books with more than a hundred coloring pages in 4 themes: People & Nature, Dinosaurs, Fairies, and Baby Animals.

It is really 3 apps in 1

1. A drawing and sketching app with white and black backgrounds

2. A coloring book app with 100+ exquisite drawings of fun topics. It's an artistic springboard where some drawings are "incomplete" so children, guided by voice over instructions, can creatively interact with the drawings.
3. A photo decorator where kids can draw over your own photographs or decorate them with stickers.

Digital coloring books can be entertaining, but they can instill passivity in kids. Tap and a color field automatically fills a shape. Or, paint and the app keeps your color stroke within the lines for you. This gets boring fast. Apps that only offer blank pages for 'free drawing' can be a little intimidating for the youngest children. And many so-called activity books are too ambiguous or too difficult for little children to decode on their own, leaving them asking: "Dad, what do I draw now?" and "Mom, what am I supposed to do here?"

Tipitap pushes the limits of traditional coloring apps harnessing the possibilities of the touch screen environments. Color & Draw boasts beautifully crafted, specially designed springboard drawings, voice recorded invitations for children to add to or complete the drawings, a lovely color palette, multiple stroke and erasers, and stickers. Kids or they parents can share their creations via email or save them to the device's gallery.

The drawings are simple enough for young children to explore drawing and colors, to go beyond realism and to expand the limits of their imagination. The voice prompt invitations give kids autonomy over the app. Each illustration presents an opportunity to enhance both skills and imagination. And, of course, to have fun with art making.


* 100+ cute and smart illustrations
* Four fun strokes: pencil, crayon, wet brush and air brush.

* Fun, age-appropriate themes

* Save drawings to the in-app Art Gallery, your device photo album or share them via email

* Multiple undos

* Multitouch support

* Import images to draw over

* 50 custom voice over invitations

* Real finger painting. Not the classic "the-machine-fills-it-for-you" app engine! Kids develop and improve their fine motor skills and creativity.

* Curated color palette. Enough colors choices for a full spectrum of artistic expression yet restricted so kids are not overwhelmed by too many options.

* Multiple eraser options

* Multiple fun backgrounds to draw on

Learning fun. Fun learning.

What's New
The app is now renamed Color & Draw Super Artist Edition.
It has 3 coloring books that were locked before, now for free. It now works on phones too. Thanks for your support!
Now four coloring tools:
Improved GUI and Stability.
Improved Art Store.


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garonxks, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since Mar 2014.
09-19-2015 04:31 PM RE: Color & Draw: Super Artist Edition. v4.4

kilaruna01 Away

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Joined: Feb 2014

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ijin nyomot gannn..........
09-19-2015 10:01 PM RE: Color & Draw: Super Artist Edition. v4.4

aldi44 Away
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pake bahasa inggris ane gk ngerti gan yg ane tau itu aplikasih buat edit poto kan?

10-14-2015 02:03 PM RE: Color & Draw: Super Artist Edition. v4.4

goodboy Away

Posts: 35
Joined: Oct 2015


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waduh error linknya gaaann :( Padahal bisa di coba nih buat sodara ane yang masih kecil haha Smile

goodboy, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since Oct 2015.
10-14-2015 03:53 PM RE: Color & Draw: Super Artist Edition. v4.4

tegarputra Away

Posts: 79
Joined: Jul 2014


FCoin: 2.72ƒc
ram 512 kira kira bisa jalan mulus kagak ya ...

hore hore hore jempol
10-23-2015 04:55 PM RE: Color & Draw: Super Artist Edition. v4.4

nieve Away

Posts: 35
Joined: Oct 2015

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app bagus nich buat adek kecil..
10-25-2015 04:01 PM RE: Color & Draw: Super Artist Edition. v4.4

yunusffz Away
FNS Member

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Joined: Oct 2015


FCoin: 3.88ƒc
coba dulu ah lumayan buat temen anak kecil nih , biar maennya sambil berkreasi seni ...

corat coret jadi ga perlu bnyk kertas nih , cukup di android

yunusffz, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since Oct 2015.

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