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[Share] Bria VoIP Softphone SIP Client v3.2.4 Unlocked

07-16-2015 10:58 PM Bria VoIP Softphone SIP Client v3.2.4 Unlocked

garonxks Away
FNS Member

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Joined: Mar 2014


FCoin: 70.90ƒc
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: Bria Android Smartphone Edition is an award-winning SIP-based softphone – brought to you by CounterPath Corporation, the market leader of VoIP software products and solutions.

Using the device’s existing contact list, Bria Android Edition facilitates easy and effective communication management with an intuitive interface. Deskphone-class calling functionality includes the ability to swap between two calls, merge calls and perform attended and unattended transfers.

Bria Android Edition incorporates advanced security settings which allow for secure call signaling. It also contains enhanced audio features including G.711, GSM, iLBC and an optional G.729 codec.

Bria Android Edition works seamlessly with other CounterPath desktop and convergence solutions, as well as with enterprise and carrier infrastructure equipment from major vendors such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, BroadSoft, Metaswitch, Avaya, Cisco and NEC. Bria Android Edition also supports Asterisk-based telephony systems.

Standard Phone Features

★ Bria Android Edition has all the standard telephone features, including:
★ Support for 8 accounts on any SIP-compliant server
★ Multi-tasking support for background operation, such as fielding incoming calls while using other applications
★ Call display and voicemail indicator
★ Voicemail support
★ Speakerphone, Mute and Hold
★ A detailed call history pane that displays dialed, answered and missed calls, along with ability to delete entries
★ Contact List – leveraging the phone’s native address book
★ The ability to work with the native dialer (a.k.a. Call Intercept)
★ Ringtones and contact avatars
★ Dial plan support (softphone-side)
★ Multiple call support
✩ Swap between two active calls
✩ Merge calls (three-way conferencing support)
✩ Call transfer (attended and unattended)
★ Audio codecs include G.711a/u, G.722, iLBC and GSM
✩ Operational G.729 codec
★ Automatic codec selection to ensure optimal call quality
★ Noise reduction
★ DTMF support: the ability to enter number into an auto attendant
✩ via RFC 2833 or SIP INFO

Advanced Features

★ NAT traversal
✩ Application managed, server managed or user specified
✩ Global IP support
✩ STUN and ICE
★ Media efficiency and quality
✩ VAD (Voice Activation Detection)
✩ QoS (Quality of Service)
✩ ToS Marking
★ Security and encryption
✩ Logging support for trouble shooting
✩ DNS SRV record lookups


The following accessories are supported:
★ Headset with microphone: Bria uses the ear-piece and microphone on the headset.
★ Headphones (no microphone): Bria uses the ear-piece on the headphone and the built-in microphone on the phone.

ITSP/Operator/Enterprise Features

Bria Android includes features specifically designed for business and enterprise users, including:
★ Optional customized branding for graphic assets and SIP settings
★ Additional security settings

This app has NO advertisement


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garonxks, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since Mar 2014.
08-03-2015 12:20 AM RE: Bria VoIP Softphone SIP Client v3.2.4 Unlocked

therockers Away

Posts: 57
Joined: May 2014


FCoin: 2.40ƒc
ijin nyoba dulu gan, selama ini biasa pake zoiper yg full. tapi dari yg ane baca, bria adalah best Softphone.

therockers, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since May 2014.
08-03-2015 12:54 PM RE: Bria VoIP Softphone SIP Client v3.2.4 Unlocked

murasakinosora Away
FNS Member

Posts: 153
Joined: Mar 2015


FCoin: 7.35ƒc
enak nih buat yang demen VOIP gitu,

tunggu review abis nyobain yak
09-19-2015 04:26 PM RE: Bria VoIP Softphone SIP Client v3.2.4 Unlocked

kilaruna01 Away

Posts: 109
Joined: Feb 2014

FCoin: 2.00ƒc
ijin nyomot gannn..........
10-25-2015 08:41 PM RE: Bria VoIP Softphone SIP Client v3.2.4 Unlocked

yunusffz Away
FNS Member

Posts: 107
Joined: Oct 2015


FCoin: 3.88ƒc
Oh voip kayk telponan gitu yah ..

kakak kelas ane lagi bikin voip gitu TA nya , menarik nih buat bahan belajar di android ...

yunusffz, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since Oct 2015.
10-28-2015 08:06 AM RE: Bria VoIP Softphone SIP Client v3.2.4 Unlocked

rinhunter Away

Posts: 41
Joined: Sep 2015


FCoin: 1.54ƒc
ini apaan sih ? kayak mmd gitu ?

rinhunter, proud to be a member of ForNesia Family since Sep 2015.

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