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[Share] Horror Escape - Super 3D horror game

04-16-2016 12:46 PM Horror Escape - Super 3D horror game


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Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!
[Image: horror-escape-0.png]
Dare to enter the abandoned asylum full of scary locations? If you think you are smart enough to face this challenge and solve all the puzzles and riddles the game has to offer then download this game now!
[Image: horror-escape-1.png]
[Image: horror-escape-2.png]
[Image: horror-escape-3.png]
↗ Epic mini puzzles!
↗ Amazing graphics!
↗ Unique atmosphere!
↗ Innovative riddles!
↗ ...and it's FREE!
[Image: horror-escape-4.png]
[Image: horror-escape-5.png]
Horror Escape Apk Additional Information
Version: 1.0
File size: 65.01MB
Requires: Android 2.3.3+
Developer: Trapped
Category: Puzzle
Updated: January 12, 2016
Download link:
04-19-2016 11:42 AM RE: Horror Escape - Super 3D horror game

aviator Away
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Royalty Member

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keren kalo game beginian dibikin VR o.O

[Image: 0yiydbV.gif]
05-03-2016 11:10 AM RE: Horror Escape - Super 3D horror game


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Yes, size slightly for Android games. You can download it easy to enjoy Smile

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