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[Share] Smashy Road: Wanted APK 1.2.2

09-21-2016 10:12 PM Smashy Road: Wanted APK 1.2.2 #1


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You are WANTED and try to keep away from Police, tanks, army helicopter! How long can you last?

*Would obstacles like barriers, trees or transport on road be able to challenge you?

With excellent driving skills; overcome all barriers and escape the siege of POLICE or wriggle through the passageway between adjacent buildings.

What Smashy road wanted have?

-Race to open a gift and upgrade your car each level passed to have 1 car collection with more than 90 vehicles.

- Random generated environment with chance to encounter secret locations
- All vehicles have their own behavior. Which is your favorites!
- Great visuals and sound

Version: 1.2.2
File size: 41.77MB
Requires: Android 2.3+
Developer: RK Games Studio
Category: Action
Updated: April 11, 2016

[Image: smashy-road-wanted-1.png]
[Image: smashy-road-wanted-0.png]
[Image: smashy-road-wanted-2.png]

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